– Brand New Website for 2012

[dropcap char=”After work,” type=”text”/] I do more work. These past couple of weeks have been very productive. We got a new booking site online for Ming & Ping and we’ve been working on booking a short tour in the summer for the twins and a couple of great supporting acts. More info to come on the tour.

This week, the new and improved Creative website is fully functional, although I’m still adding pages and content to it. The website is for Bao Vo Creative, while the blog is all me me meee and it will replace my postings on Facebook. Ya heard? I will be phasing out Facebook so you’ll have to find me in my own space. Not Myspace aka My_____. LOL

This is my first time dissecting and learning PHP code and I’m feeling pretty nerdy. WordPress made life as a nerd pretty easy (Thanks Matt). Nerds are hot.

Some people have been asking me to keep the sketchbook feature from the old site so I’ll be working with some other nerds to update, re-code, and get that onto this new site. In the meantime if you’d like to flip through my old sketchbooks, please visit the 2008 version of So subscribe, check back soon, leave a comment, or do nothing. See if I care.