How We Designed the Brand


I’m excited to announce a brand new website for my new business, – an e-commerce website focusing on DIY terrarium kits for succulents and air plants. To learn more about the idea behind the business and the website, keep reading…


juicykitslogo Concept

juicykits-bao-vo-and-emily-tranJuicykits was started by myself and Emily Tran because we’re fans of succulents and we don’t live in places where we can garden outdoors. The idea for the business is that our DIY terrarium kits make it so that people don’t have to buy all the various materials in large quantities from various retailers, like we had to – soil from the gardening store, charcoal from the pet store, vessels from the home decor joint. And the supporting element of our product is high quality instructional content, such as instructional videos and articles. Lastly, we didn’t want to just start a business to make money, that’s not enough of a motivation. So we researched some non-profits that would conceptually make sense with our product and we decided to donate to a group called charity: water.


The Brand

logo-ideas-1Every idea needs a catchy name. After going through a huge list of names, we decided on “Juicy Kits,” which pretty much describes our product offering of juicy succulents and DIY kits. Plus it’s fun to say and has a little edge to it. Oh and, of course, the domain name was not taken. We created a mood board of brands that also have the same feel and similar goals, which allowed me to design the logo. The cursive font in the logo basically shows that it’s kind of a personal and expressive brand. The dot on the letter “i” is made up of some juicy succulents that look like the jelly bean succulent (Sedum rubrotinctum). The color scheme was started using Adobe Kuler to take color swatches from one of our product photos – this gave me the basic set of colors which I tweaked to work better online. We also chose a Google Web Font called “Kite One” for the main font because it was clean and modern, but had a little bit of retro flare to it. To keep things minimal, bright, and plant-focused, we shot the product photos at my studio in Downtown LA with a white background with pretty flat lighting. And for the tone of voice of our website copywriting, we decided to keep it as close to our informal speaking voice as possible so that the site really was like hanging out with us in our little shop.


The Product

juicykits-productWe allow people to choose a container or vessel for their DIY terrarium. We select the best modern designs for the vessels and give them clever names that reference design history (The Egg), popular culture (The Sideways), or famous personalities (The Holy Diver). Customers choose their plants from a catalog of succulents and cacti that we’ve decided work best in small, self-contained planters. Then we ship all the terrarium materials, including pebbles, soil, and activated charcoal. We also sell accessories like a terrarium tool kit and decorative stones, etc. And finally, we have good quality instructional content on our website to help people use our products.


The Website was built on WordPress and using an e-commerce platform called Woo Commerce. WordPress is a blogging service based on the PHP coding language, but really it’s more than that when talented developers build more capabilities on top of WordPress. Woo Commerce is basically an elaborate hack of WordPress to allow you to add products and orders as if they we content entries (like a blog entry). Aside from a nice responsive online store that works on desktop and mobile browsers, the website focuses on great instructional content, like How-To blog articles and videos (which we’ll add in the next few weeks). We’ve done a lot of research on succulents and desert plants and we’ve made a lot of beginner’s mistakes like overwatering our succulents or putting them out in direct sunlight, so we’ll create blog articles that tell you about the do’s and don’ts of desert plants. We also experiment all the time with various containers and materials, so we’ll give you crafty ideas too. If you wanna get these articles when they come out, you can join the Mailing List.


The Charity

uganda1So we’re super duper proud to finally have an idea where we can give back to the world. We’ll donate 10% of our proceeds to a group called charity: water, who have really impressed us with how modern and transparent their operation is. charity: water uses 100% of their donations to bring clean water to people in developing countries (They build water pumps and wells and stuff in poor countries). They have a great website with nice case studies and even a world map that shows all of their water projects, how much money was spent, and how many people were helped. Super cool.



Well, hope that was a fun read. Check out the new site and leave a comment to let me know what you think: