Causeway Army


Ming & Ping’s third full-length release includes some of their most successful songs like Beautiful Things, Dream of Pop and Legends of Nothing. Meticulously crafted and obsessively themed, Causeway Army showed a darker side of Ming & Ping. THe songs are high energy, yet extremely personal and vulnerable. The album art is also a balance of beautiful and disturbing.

Purchasing the physical CD will also give you access to the digital download version in both MP3 and uncompressed WAV formats. You may also find this album on online music services like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and more.

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Causeway Army (2007)

1. Dream of Pop
2. Spy vs. Spy
3. Electricity
4. Legends of Nothing
5. Beautiful Things
6. Code
7. Sleep Now
8. Duotone
9. Let Go
10. Dark Days
11. Highrise
12. Hungover HK
13. Wintersong