MP2 includes some of the most popular Ming & Ping tracks. Delete appeared in several snowboarding movies and helped bring Ming & Ping’s music to many extreme sports fans. Other tracks like Legends of Nothing, The Greyest Blue, and A Little Different have also become Ming & Ping staples.

Purchasing the physical CD will also give you access to the digital download version in both MP3 and uncompressed WAV formats. You may also find this album on online music services like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and more.

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MP2 (2005)

1. A Little Different
2. Concretelike
3. Delete
4. The Master
5. Patiently
6. Midnight On The Bridge
7. The Greyest Blue
8. Satellite
9. Shenzhen Speed
10. Patiently Scroto
11. Splendid
12. (This Is) The Dream Of Electric Sheep
13. Nice Day
14. The Bluest Grey
15. Stop