Scientific Illustration / Behold The Bonnacon

The bonnacon is a beast with a head like a bull, but with horns that curl in towards each other. Because these horns are useless for defense, the bonnacon has another weapon. When pursued, the beast expels its dung which travels a great distance (as much as two acres), and burns anything it touches.


This is according to this great tumblr I just found called Scientific Illustration – it has tons of great illustrations of animals, bones, and stuff for your enjoyment.

Most Interesting Hurricane Sandy Photo, Click to Embiggen

I know some people are going through some tough events right now, but just stepping back in a journalistic way – this has to be the most interesting photo from the Hurricane Sandy tragedy. A parking lot full of yellow cabs is flooded as a result of superstorm Sandy on Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012 in Hoboken, NJ (Photo via Charles Sykes of AP). I took this from the Chicago Sun Times, which hilariously has the instruction “Click to embiggen” under the photo preview, as if it was written by Jebediah Springfield from the Simpsons.

Indigo Art Magazine Issue 5

I have a couple of digital photographs in the 5th and final issue of Indigo Art Magazine (IAM). It’s a collection of a lot of great Houston-based artists and I’m honored to be a part of it even though I’m a full-time California boy now. Thanks to the talent at Indigo for reaching out and best of luck on your next creative endeavor, “y’all!”


New Website Launch


After 9 days in exile, I’m very happy to announce that the new creative website is up. Still continuing to add things here and there, but everything should be up by this weekend.

Also very happy to announce that besides the sketchbook galleries, the site contains no Flash – no stress, easy to update, viewable by almost everyone including iPhones. :)
Lots of work, but thank god for laptops and wireless internet! And thanks to Coy at for photographing almost 800 sketchbook pages! Hope you enjoy!!!