Replacement Drives

I will be replacing the studio’s big, loud, and temperamental Lacie Big Disks with smaller, quieter (and now cheaper) G-Tech G-Drives. I’m over Lacie drives with their unreliable power adapters and poorly engineered power management/sleep mode. The data recovery service will take 10 business days and cost almost $1300 because the Lacie Big Disk is actually made up of two hard drives on the inside, so they’re extracting data from two separate discs then merging it back into one folder structure. Definitely an unexpected cost and I’m sure I’m getting fleeced but I need this data – it includes “Chinatown” the final song from Ming & Ping‘s new record (which should have been sent to the manufacturers by now) as well as all of my own demos from the last couple of years. Funny how you don’t think to back things up if they’re “in progress”. Live and learn. Or not.

Over Two Years of Work, Vanished

I’m super sad and freaked out. The hard drive containing the files for all of my new music and some of Ming & Ping‘s tracks has stopped mounting. Over two years of work – only some of it is backed up. Sometimes I can trick it into mounting, but all of the folders show zero files. Tomorrow I will take the drive to a data recovery place and see how it goes. The universe is really starting to wear on me…