Free Download: Musical Instrument Frequency Chart for Music Producers and Engineers

musical instrument frequency chart

musical instrument frequency chart


Did you know a bass guitar can make lower sound frequencies than the average kick drum? Here’s a free PDF to show you the sound frequency of various instruments for aspiring music producers, engineers, and anyone else interested in sound.

A few years ago, I found a PDF online with all the frequency ranges for certain musical instruments, including male and female voices. The diagram was called “The Frequency Spectrum, Instrument Ranges, & EQ Tips” and it  was Continue reading “Free Download: Musical Instrument Frequency Chart for Music Producers and Engineers”

The XX Homepage is Minimalist, But Curious


The homepage for the band The XX is super minimal, just like their music, but it has just one beautiful interactive element over the X logo. I didn’t notice it at first until the oily rainbow coloring shifted slightly while I was reading the navigation options. Then when I hovered my mouse cursor over the X, it looked like I was disturbing a puddle of oily water and seeing the rainbow colored light refractions change. Well done to the designers of The album’s not so bad either. ;)

New York Times Infographic / One Race, Every Medalist Ever

Just saw this brilliantly executed infographic on the New York Times website comparing the speed of every Olympic medalist since 1896 for the 100-meter sprint. It’s not only a great concept to begin with, it’s also such a well thought-out way to present a ton of information, essentially with one model. Check out the animated infographic “One Race, Every Medalist Ever” on and congratulations to Usain Bolt on the 9.63 second record. Lastly, the website design is pretty cool too, in the way that it auto-scrolls you down to the rest of the content once you finish watching the video. Nice work, NY Times!

White on White

Some people have been asking me why i chose to design all of my personal stuff so sparse, as “it’s kinda hard to know what you do.”

:) I think so too. I believe it’s a way to make people slow down a bit and notice things that you want them to notice. Ever met a really interesting person in a crowd, not because they were the one demanding attention, but because they interacted with you on a truly personal level?
I’ve noticed that when I give somebody my card for the first time, they hold it up close, rub their fingers across the paper, and treat it like a gift. That’s kind of how I want this website to be. :)

New Website Launch


After 9 days in exile, I’m very happy to announce that the new creative website is up. Still continuing to add things here and there, but everything should be up by this weekend.

Also very happy to announce that besides the sketchbook galleries, the site contains no Flash – no stress, easy to update, viewable by almost everyone including iPhones. :)
Lots of work, but thank god for laptops and wireless internet! And thanks to Coy at for photographing almost 800 sketchbook pages! Hope you enjoy!!!