Finishing Ming & Ping’s Album with Mariqueen


The other day we had a couple of super talented and extremely spicy ladies over to finish recording the last song on Ming & Ping’s upcoming album, “The Darkness of Night”.  Here’s a photo of the brilliant artist and painter Brooke Reidt plus spice icon Mariqueen Maandig Reznor, from How To Destroy Angels. Mariqueen provided some vocal parts for the song “Chinatown,” which is definitely one of my favorites from the upcoming record. It was a true honor. <3

Never Ender


A man with many names and many talents, my friend, Taylor Shechet does a very interesting musical project called NVR-NDR and we created this short video together for one of his songs called Never Ender. NVR-NDR will be joining Ming & Ping on tour this summer.