Jetsetting: Chicago Has Seasons

Chicago in November vs. Chicago in December

Just returned from another grueling, but productive trip to the Chicago area to speak at Baxter about mobile technologies with Hoverstate and Klick Health. In just a couple of weeks since the last visit, all the vibrant leaves had fallen. Haha, I almost forgot about the seasons, living in LA. Here are some panoramic photos of Chicago in November vs. Chicago in December. It was actually my hotel in Deerfield, if you wanna be a nerd about it.

Jetsetting: On the Way to Seattle

On the way to Seattle

Classy aerial photo taken on the way to Seattle of an unknown mountain, possibly located in Oregon. Traveled with Hoverstate to catch up with a client in the fantasy trading card games industry. It’s been a while since I was here. Also, I didn’t know Seattle was spelled with two T’s. Dumbth.

Win a prize if you can tell me the mountain. Extra prize if you tell me the mountain and the client.

Jetsetting: Park City Think Tank

Just returned from a 2-day trip to Park City, to officially start a new web-based project. Holed up in an amazing house with some brilliant minds, we began to lay the foundation to change the way the world sees e-commerce.

A few other top secret projects in the works, which I’ll be able to share once they launch. Looking forward!

Jetsetting: Squaw Valley Magic

Just returned from gorgeous and freezing cold Squaw Valley with my boys Ming & Ping and their spicy cymbal monkey. Tons of good people, beautiful snowbabies, and yummy food. Thanks to Liesl from Oakley for flying us out!

Happy New Year, see you in 2009!

Jetsetting: Sunset in Seattle

Just returned from a great meeting at Pier 70 in Seattle. We caught this gorgeous view of the old and new developments coexisting in the city. The seafood was incredible, the walkability of downtown was very refreshing, and I was in the presence of great company. Looking forward. :)