We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together


So this Taylor Swift track is Number 1 in the pop charts right now. But more interestingly (or maybe less), producer Max Martin creates another rubber stamp hit! And it’s a good song, but it’s just amazing how we keep buying the exact same song over and over.

I’m tempted to make a snarky comment about Taylor Swift jumping into the homogenized pool of Pop sameness, but I think she was already knee-deep in it anyway. It’s all good, baby, you still spicy as a Memphis rub. Hubba hoo!

I just love this quote by Ann Powers from NPR, “These songs are to punk rock what Jolly Rancher green apple flavored candies are to actual apples.”

Ann’s article, which talks about the song, is actually a fun listen because it plays some of Max Martin’s hits back to back, so that you can just hear the formula play out. Supposedly this track is pop-punk, rebellious babe material. I kinda want them to rebel from uniformity but I’m more fascinated by the fact that we can keep producing the same exact product and people continue to buy it. So many reasons to love!

By the way, Max Martin and Maratone, let us build you a better website.