Levy Tran Needs to Apologize to Nobody

Levy Tran Asian Girlz
@MissLevy Twitter Profile Image
@MissLevy Twitter Profile Image

I usually don’t like to publicly weigh in on internet drama and politics, but today I will for three reasons. First, I consider myself a moderately successful, educated part of the Vietnamese American subculture who has the potential to affect it and define it in the future. Second, I don’t want to live in an environment where we can’t make jokes about ourselves­ – even if bad ones – and openly mock the stereotypes that define us for a lot of people. And third, I think model, actress, and fellow Viet-American Levy Tran doesn’t owe anybody an apology for her part in a recent music video called “Asian Girlz.”

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, keep reading.

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Our Love Is Dead

Pet Shop Boys “Leaving”

Ugh I just love these lyrics so hard:


Our love is dead
But the dead are here to stay
They made us what we are
They’re with us every day
In darkest night
Their memory keeps us strong
And if our love is dead
It won’t be dead for long

I know when enough’s enough and you’re leaving
you’ve had a lot of time to decide on your freedom
but I can still find some hope to believe in

Pet Shop Boys, still dazzling after 30+ years. Can’t wait for the new record Electric next month! This and new Nine Inch Nails is gonna give me the shitty giggles!