Hi, I’m Bao!

 I’m a creative communicator with a talent for making complex ideas engaging and easy to understand. My process helps uncover and convey the most authentic and captivating aspects of a business, product, or personality.

I specialize in 3 distinct but related services:

I help you understand your target market and develop compelling brand messaging that reflects your personality, values, and goals. From there, I design a cohesive brand identity and impactful marketing collateral to resonate with your audience.Learn more
imagePitches &
I produce polished presentations for startup pitches, team meetings, and lectures, ensuring your visual and verbal messaging are perfectly aligned. Then, I guide you on how to deliver your presentation clearly and confidently.Learn more
imagePublic Speaking
My 6-8 week intensive program gives you the tools to speak effectively and confidently in person, on camera, and in interviews. Graduate with a professional video of you showcasing your own value proposition, perfect for your website or social media.Learn more

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Some people like my work:


Bao's approach to brand strategy is truly holistic. His unique talent for asking insightful questions helped Clever uncover the essence of our brand. He then applied it to our logo, mobile app UI and UX, fundraising presentations, and website. Working with him was not only productive but really enjoyable.

Survy Vaish
Survy VaishCo-founder, Clever FMSurvy on LinkedIn

This dude is dope as shit and fine as fuck. Ladies come get this spicy Vietnamese sausage!

Tracy BuiNeighborhood Wellness

Bao is one of the most insightful and inventive thinkers I've worked with. He's been an essential collaborator on projects from brand identity to UI development to campaign conceptualization. A meeting with Bao is the best part of whatever day it takes place on; he leaves my teams full of focus and inspiration.

Jim GladstoneCreative

Bao is one of the best designers I have worked with. His blend of technical and creative skills made our brand identity stand out at Ayotree. He sees the big picture, asks revelatory questions, and captures the spirit of our ideas. Working with him was fun, engaging, and deeply enlightening for our brand.

Mike TruongMarketing ManagerMike on LinkedIn

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