Music Studio at Bao Vo Creative, Inc.

Independent Music & Entertainment Content

Founded by Bao Vo in 2004, Bao Vo Creative, Inc. creates independent, commercial quality entertainment content: Original music, video, live entertainment content and creative brand extensions. We focus on building brands. As the current music industry requires innovative and agile leaders, we set long-term goals for each of our artists and execute short-term strategies that can turn on a dime. We are a small team of artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs who find nothing more rewarding than creating the music and artwork involved in our business.

Music Publishing & Licensing

Since 2008, we’ve worked with Modern Works Music Publishing to place original music into exciting productions for major brands like Oakley, Ski-Doo, Transworld, and more. As the Creative music catalog grows, so will the options for filmmakers, music supervisors and ad agencies to license emerging original music for film and TV synchronization.

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