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My goal with this program is not only to improve your speaking skills, but to help you embody your most powerful presence. I won't ask you to imagine people in their underwear or read a script more convincingly. I don't even want you to use a script! I will show you how to speak from the heart so you can never mess up a speech, how to breathe into your most calm and controlled center, how to listen intently and react to surprises tactfully. I will help you develop the confidence and creativity you need to speak in public, on camera, and in interviews. My approach combines insights from my experience speaking with large and intimate audiences as a design agency executive, pop band frontman, and interview show host.

How To Talk Good with Bao!Duration: Six 90-minute weekly sessions, scheduled at your convenience.
Objective: Master speaking effectively to live audiences, on camera, and in interviews, and captivate any audience with your most authentic and charismatic self. Over six weekly sessions, you’ll develop awareness and confidence, the ability to react quickly, and the skills to organize your ideas for maximum impact. For your final project, we'll produce a professional-quality video of you presenting what makes you great at what you do, so that you can share it on your professional website or social media. With personalized analysis, curated resources, and engaging exercises, my creative and intuitive approach leverages my diverse experience as a creative director, musical performer, and podcast host.
Top 5 skills you'll develop:
  • Mindful breathing for calm, focus, and reaction time.
  • Structuring convincing content like a lawyer.
  • Authentic, passionate delivery without a script.
  • Projecting confidence through voice, pacing, and cadence.
  • Mastery over your nonverbal body language.
You'll also receive:
  • Professionally-produced self promotional video.
  • Tools and resources specifically created for this course.
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Week 1: Introduction and Content Organization
Opening Activity: Present an idea cold.

Topics Covered:
  • Understanding your audience and tailoring your message. Start at the end, the takeaway.
  • Structure your content like a lawyer: Engage, tease, deliver, and recap. Land the plane.
  • Using bullet points instead of scripts. Creating effective note cards.
  • No Jargon Zone: Balancing formal vs. conversational tones.
  • Special FX: Using anecdotes, rhetorical questions, personalization, and repetition.
  • Fall in love with your topic!
Closing Activity: Writing and using bullet points.

Homework: "What makes you you" presentation. Meet your most passionate self.
Week 2: Delivery and Voice
Opening Activity: Deliver and critique "What makes you you".

Topics Covered:
  • Breathing and mindfulness techniques to enhance focus and reduce nervousness.
  • Defining and conveying desired qualities (e.g., empathy, excitement, authority).
  • Control over pacing, cadence, and pauses.
  • Identifying and modifying speech habits. Strategies to replace filler words with pauses.
  • Special FX: Using volume, pauses, gestures, and body language for emphasis.
Closing Activity: Find your speaking voice.

Homework: The business pitch for a service, product, or personality.
Week 3: Body Language
Opening Activity: Deliver and critique business pitch.

Topics Covered:
  • Analyzing facial expressions, mouth movements, and eye contact.
  • Importance of shoulder and chest positioning.
  • Effective use of hands and gestures.
  • Aligning gestures with messages. Aligning level of animation with audience.
  • Entering with calm and confidence. Your power stance. Staying mobile.
Closing Activity: Cringe exposure therapy. Confidence building exercises.

Homework: The mini-TED Talk about your unique expertise or insight.
Week 4: Interviews and Conversations
Opening Activity: Deliver mini-TED talk, followed by audience Q&A. Critique delivery and response.

Topics Covered:
  • Active listening and engagement techniques.
  • Finding opportunities to expand and steer the conversation.
  • Strategies for answering questions and transitioning to other speakers.
  • Connecting the dots. Funneling information toward the key takeaway.
Closing Activity: Improv comedy-inspired exercises for rapid-fire creative thinking.

Homework: Begin the "Shameless Self Promotion" final video presentation.
Week 5: Refine and Rehearse
Opening Activity: Redeliver your mini-TED Talk. Respond to audience questions from experts in other fields then transition to another speaker.

Topics Covered:
  • Rehearse and refine presentation skills. Work on any areas that require attention.
  • Practice answering questions and engaging the audience.
  • Workshop your strategy for the final presentation. Ensure creativity and personalization to avoid a templated approach.
Homework: Refine and rehearse the "Shameless Self Promotion" final video presentation.
Week 6: Final Presentation
Final Session Activity:
  • Video shoot of the "Shameless Self Promotion" presentation.
  • Final feedback, determine areas to continue developing, celebrate achievements.
  • Graduation!
Resources You'll Receive
  • Templates for Structuring Content Like the Pros
  • Example Questions for Eliciting Constructive Feedback from Practice Audiences
  • Guide to Creating Slide Decks that Complement Your Presentation
  • Guide to Video Conferencing Equipment, Setup, and Conduct
  • Case Studies of Inspirational Public Speakers

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