Free Download: Musical Instrument Frequency Chart for Music Producers and Engineers

musical instrument frequency chart

musical instrument frequency chart


Did you know a bass guitar can make lower sound frequencies than the average kick drum? Here’s a free PDF to show you the sound frequency of various instruments for aspiring music producers, engineers, and anyone else interested in sound.

A few years ago, I found a PDF online with all the frequency ranges for certain musical instruments, including male and female voices. The diagram was called “The Frequency Spectrum, Instrument Ranges, & EQ Tips” and it  was Continue reading “Free Download: Musical Instrument Frequency Chart for Music Producers and Engineers”

Cool NPR Infographic / A Campaign Map, Morphed By Money

Really clever infographic on NPR about various states if resized by their political campaign spending – and their importance in the presidential election. Not to undermine the value of your vote in a solid blue state like California or a red state like  Texas, but the focus of these campaigns is on battleground states like Ohio and Nevada where the vote could go either way and money matters.

So what’s my point? My point is that if modern, educated, sensible, globally-connected people don’t vote, it’s the old, tunnel-visioned people in the tiny towns of the midwest who will be deciding who your leaders are, and what laws you live under. I have nothing against the midwest – that was just a lazy generalization – but I do think that education and a broader world view help you make more well-rounded decisions.

It’s not just about one dude being president over another, it’s about local, state, national, global laws that affect your life every single day. It’s about freedom on the internet. It’s about acknowledging that manmade climate change is real and changing our habits to slow that down. It’s about not allowing corporations to legitimately rape you and your family. Young people, sign up to vote and get educated!

New York Times Infographic / One Race, Every Medalist Ever

Just saw this brilliantly executed infographic on the New York Times website comparing the speed of every Olympic medalist since 1896 for the 100-meter sprint. It’s not only a great concept to begin with, it’s also such a well thought-out way to present a ton of information, essentially with one model. Check out the animated infographic “One Race, Every Medalist Ever” on and congratulations to Usain Bolt on the 9.63 second record. Lastly, the website design is pretty cool too, in the way that it auto-scrolls you down to the rest of the content once you finish watching the video. Nice work, NY Times!