Free Download: Musical Instrument Frequency Chart for Music Producers and Engineers

musical instrument frequency chart


Did you know a bass guitar can make lower sound frequencies than the average kick drum? Here’s a free PDF to show you the sound frequency of various instruments for aspiring music producers, engineers, and anyone else interested in sound.

A few years ago, I found a PDF online with all the frequency ranges for certain musical instruments, including male and female voices. The diagram was called “The Frequency Spectrum, Instrument Ranges, & EQ Tips” and it  was created in 2003 by a cool dude  named Jeremy Carter as a learning tool for his church – and maybe for anyone else who was interested. I thought it was really cool that he offered this nifty diagram to the world for free and it really helped me mix the songs I produced for my projects, including Ming & Ping.

Earlier this year I decided to re-create the diagram to be more modern and fit on an 11 x 17″ print. Hopefully this version is easier to read and more convenient to print. It’s a nice coincidence that my version comes 10 years after the original. I hope everyone who downloads this can get as much from it as I did. Show thanks by checking out the music of Ming & Ping or my new business

Download Free PDF